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4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Probate an Estate

Do you wonder what will happen to your estate after you're gone? Is dealing with estate-related conflicts affecting your well-being? Well, you should know you're not alone. 

Covid-19 was an eye-opener for citizens across Canada. A 2020 survey reported that over 30 percent of Canadians talked about properly protecting their estate during the pandemic. Yet, many of these conversations won't have accounted for a crucial step in this process. 

If the thought of handling an estate causes you anxiety, we are there to help. This guide will highlight 4 reasons to hire a lawyer to probate an estate


  1. You Need Someone Familiar With The Territory

    Our lawyers are familiar with the specifics of Wills and Estates law, Surrogate Court and Estate Litigation. They can provide you with an objective opinion that you will need in such a stressful time.

  2. A Lawyer Will Help You Write A Will

    Having a will is an important step towards providing security to your family, yet many Canadians don't have one.

    Over half of Canadians don't have a signed will. The consequence of this is that everyone who leaves their estate in limbo opens up the possibility of rifts forming in their family.

    To ensure that doesn't happen to your family, you'll need a lawyer who is experienced when it comes to formattingdrafting wills.

  3. A Lawyer Keeps Tensions In Check

    When it comes to estates, conflicts old and new can rear their head.

    Our lawyers take seriously their obligation to ensure that all settlement options are explored before engaging in litigation. If litigation does become necessary, we will advance your claim diligently.

  4. A Lawyer Can Manage The Process And Save You Money In The Long Run

    Probate can be complicated, and involves a great deal of document preparation. By retaining a lawyer, you are investing in ensuring the process moves ahead properly. Remember, you will always encounter more roadblocks, like managing estate tax and the sale of real estate when tackling probate by yourself.

Why Wait to Get a Lawyer to Probate an Estate?

Navigating the legal system alone is a difficult challenge, and yet this is a mistake countless people make every year.

If you're asking questions like "does an estate have to go through probate" know that First West Law’s team of wills and estate lawyers are available to help in Calgary. Contact us today to discuss estate planning and probate.