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Estate Litigation Lawyers


After someone close to you passes away, there is a lot of emotional and mental turmoil. The estate they leave behind must now be divided among the beneficiaries mentioned in the will. If there is no will, the estate will pass through what is known as intestate succession. When disputes relate to estates, wills and trusts, the professional estate litigation lawyers at First West Law LLP in Calgary can represent your best interests. Read more about wills and estate law by clicking here. Check our blogs for more information, and contact us to speak with our lawyers today.


Estate litigation describes the legal process used to resolve disputes amongst various personal representatives or beneficiaries of a will or under an intestacy. Obviously, the beneficiaries and personal representatives (an Executor under a will or an Administrator under an intestacy) should work out any issues amongst themselves as this will minimize stress and financial impact. If that is not possible, the estate lawyers at First West Law LLP can assist you through the process. 


Our Estate Litigation lawyers Calgary are here to assist you through the process for a variety of estate litigation services:

  • Probate Disputes
    There are a number of grounds under the Wills and Succession Act (Alberta) that can give rise to challenges by beneficiaries either under a will or an intestacy. We can assist you both in defending those claims or assessing whether you have such a claim which we will pursue on your behalf.

  • Breach of Executors Duties
    We can help you assess whether the Executor of the will or the Administrator under an intestacy is not living up to their duties responsibly. In such cases, the executor can be held financially responsible for the losses or mistakes they have caused. Our lawyers can help you to assess the next steps.

  • Issues Regarding the Power of Attorney
    Like a Personal Representative under a will, an Attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney must adhere to strict duties and responsibilities when caring for the property of the person who granted a power of attorney (the Donor). The difference is that the Donor is still living but likely incapacitated. If you have any issues with an Enduring Power of Attorney, speak with our lawyers.

  • Financial Mismanagement
    If you notice any kind of mismanagement of the finances before they are distributed as per the will or intestacy, we can help ensure that the court reviews these transactions.

  • Claims by Dependants
    If a dependent of the deceased is not properly cared for under the Will, provisions under the Wills and Succession Act allow that to be rectified in court.

  • Guardianship or Trusteeship Disputes
    We can help you resolve and manage all the trusteeship and guardianship issues you may face. Our lawyers are well-equipped and experienced in such cases.

  • Jointly Held Assets
    We can offer guidance in dealing with jointly held assets in the context of a will.


Hiring estate litigation lawyers Calgary offers several advantages. Firstly, these professionals possess specialized knowledge and experience in navigating complex legal matters related to wills, powers of attorney, and estate planning. They can provide expert guidance and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Secondly, estate litigation lawyers Calgary can protect your interests and advocate on your behalf in disputes, whether contesting a will or resolving issues regarding inheritance. Their negotiation skills and courtroom expertise increase the likelihood of achieving favourable outcomes. Lastly, hiring estate litigation lawyers Calgary provides peace of mind, knowing that your legal concerns are being handled competently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.


Different parties involved with probate, administration of an intestate estate or dealing with an Enduring Power of Attorney might need different services based on their role. Our estate litigation lawyers can provide the right guidance and suggestions and represent your case up to and including the court. We can act for:

  • The Personal Representative on behalf of the Estate;

  • A Beneficiary or Beneficiaries;

If you need assistance resolving an estate dispute, contact First West Law LLP in Calgary.


Suppose you find yourself in an estate dispute and determine that litigation is the appropriate path to resolution. In that case, you require lawyers prepared to advocate for your rights with assertiveness and fearlessness in court. Our dedicated team protects your interests and strives for a favourable outcome.

We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to the legal process, ensuring our clients receive competent and modern professional service. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, and our fees are designed to be reasonable compared to other firms. We offer responsive, concise, and highly competent legal advice, even in lengthy and complex estate litigation cases.

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