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Commercial Leasing Law


Whether you are an owner of a commercial property or a tenant running a business, your lease is fundamental and needs to be optimally suited to your business needs. To handle commercial leasing law in Calgary, turn to the lawyers at First West Law for help understanding your lease and negotiating a lease that suits your needs. A thorough review of your commercial agreement to lease and/or commercial lease will familiarize you with your rights and obligations under both forms of agreement and to make sure the lease is not incompatible with how you plan on running your business.

Over the years, our commercial leasing lawyers have acted for landlords and tenants in office, commercial, retail and industrial settings throughout Calgary and Alberta, making us prepared to help you negotiate a lease that suits your business needs. Further, our commercial leasing lawyers have experience in arbitrating commercial lease provisions in cases where negotiations have broken down. We are well-versed in this area.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, reach out the commercial leasing lawyers at First West Law today!


Throughout our work, ranging from single tenant suite rentals to large scale industrial complexes, we have developed a thorough understanding of some of the more complicated lease provisions. Some clauses that commonly cause confusion include:

Calculation of costs outside of basic rent: This calculation can often be complex and obscure, so we’ll help bring clarity to this area and to determine whether the calculation fits your business needs.

Indemnification: Leases often contain provisions requiring you to assume liability for the actions of others, including your landlord. We’ll help you understand the extent of your liability.

Renewal clauses: Renewal clauses aren’t always complex, but it’s important to have a renewal clause that fits your business plan.

Assignment: If you plan on changing your ownership structure during your lease, it’s important that the lease gives you the freedom to deal with the parties you want to deal with.

Beyond understanding your lease, we will also help in the negotiation process. Our frequent work with real estate professionals including brokers and rental companies, makes us fully appraised of the market practices, so we’re always in a good position to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Additionally, we will make sure to create leverage and focus on the areas of the lease that matter to you.


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