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Family Law


At First West West Law LLP, we understand that disputes involving your family can be especially emotional and unpleasant. In such a scenario, the support of an experienced family lawyer is essential. Our family lawyers in Calgary have helped many families over the years. We provide legal advice and assistance for a range of family law issues like child and spousal support, child custody and divorce.

Our lawyers know that legal disputes involving your family require discretion and the utmost sensitivity to the circumstances. We work to protect your interests and help you make rational decisions without the need for costly litigation. However, if it comes to it, we passionately defend your rights in court. 

We have also assisted couples who require a lawyer in the facilitation of an amicable divorce, and our fees are in line with those charged by paralegal divorce businesses. 

You can rely on our family lawyers to resolve the disputes around your family and help you navigate the legalities. Get in touch with us to speak with a family lawyer in Calgary. 


Our family lawyers offer their legal services to help with a range of disputes and family law matters. We can help you make rational decisions and protect your rights with the following issues:



Divorces may be messy and involve the consideration of many factors like the well-being of your children, the spouse, and the preservation and the division of marital property. In other cases, the parties want an amicable dissolution of their marriage, and simply need a lawyer to draft and file a desk divorce, in a cost-effective fashion. We can assist you in both filing for divorce and protecting your rights during one.

Child Custody, Access and Guardianship

When it comes to crafting agreements around your children, we put their well-being above everything else. You can rely on us to defend your rights with regard to your children while protecting their interests.

Child Support

In Alberta, both parents are legally responsible for financially supporting their children. However, with factors like sources of income (non T-4 employees) and earning capacity, child support may become a complex issue. We can provide the right assistance in child support matters and guard your children's rights.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is another matter that complicates divorces, creating acrimony. We have experience in helping both sides - those who think themselves as deserving of spousal support or those who are asked to pay it.

Division of Property 

The division of property is a critical aspect of a divorce or separation. This might include the matrimonial home, vehicles, financial assets, inheritances, gifts of money from parents, pre-marriage assets and personal property. We help clients with all the issues regarding property division, including creating division proposals and evaluating factors that might affect it. 


Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial agreement is signed in advance between two individuals who are planning to get married. The agreement is drafted to reflect individuals' specific intentions in cases of legal issues that might lead to a divorce. Prenuptial agreements cover the division of assets and responsibility of debts.

Cohabitation Agreements

Like a prenuptial agreement but for two people in a common law relationship, also known as an adult interdependent relationship. However, the laws for prenuptial and cohabitation agreements differ, as unmarried couples are not covered under the Divorce Act (Canada) or the Matrimonial Property Act (Alberta) but rather under the Family Law Act (Alberta) and Alberta common law. Consult our family lawyers in Calgary to make an informed decision.

Matrimonial Property and Spousal Support Agreements

They are drafted to strategically resolve issues that might arise from the ending of your marriage or relationship. Our family lawyers can help you negotiate the terms of the separation agreement. Some of the matters that are covered under the separation agreement are the custody of children, spousal support, pensions, among others.


Are you wondering whether our family law services in Calgary are right for your specific issue? You can send us your query, and we will get back to you.


Personalized Family Law Assistance 

Our years of family law experience enable us to help people entrenched in all kinds of complicated family matters. Our lawyers are personable, pragmatic and will provide a cost-effective approach to your family law matter. Moreover, we're always available to answer your queries at every step of the legal process.


Schedule an Appointment with Our Family Lawyers in Calgary

Are you worried that you're being treated unfairly in a divorce? Are you worried about the well-being of your children? Our Calgary family lawyers have experience in resolving family issues efficiently and amicably. Get in touch with us to get the legal advice that you need.


Get professional legal advice and support for your family law matters.

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