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Litigation Law

Litigation Lawyers in Calgary, AB

Civil litigation can generally be defined as disputes between two parties where one seeks out monetary damages or specific performance from the other party(ies) involved in the dispute. It does not involve criminal sanctions typically. In order to address these disputes, seek out the representation of a civil litigation lawyer in Calgary, AB at First West Law LLP. As experienced civil litigation lawyers, we pride ourselves on being experienced problem solvers. Our goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible while still ensuring that you get the best possible result. We will use our skill and expertise to ensure that your dispute ends in a satisfactory manner.

The civil litigators at First West Law have extensive experience in Calgary trial and appellate advocacy work, as well as arbitration and mediation. We will work with you to evaluate your settlement potential and also formulate a plan of action to ensure your interests are protected throughout any trial or appeal proceedings.

Our lawyers take a dynamic approach to civil disputes, understanding that there are often factors to consider other than dispute itself. The circumstances often involve personal and business relationships, and we will do our best to preserve those relationships while still zealously representing you throughout your claim.

If you’re involved in any kind of personal or business dispute, speak with a litigation lawyer at First West Law today.

OUR experience

Our civil litigation lawyers have experience in the following areas:

Insurance (Insurers & Insured)

Estate Litigation
Commercial Leasing (Landlords and Tenants)

Employment Issues
Tort Litigation
Breach of Contract
Accident/Injury Claims
Shareholder Disputes
Real Estate Disputes

…And other area

Why Should You Hire A Litigation Lawyer?

A civil or commercial litigation lawyer specializes in providing legal representation to a client. An experienced lawyer can handle all your personal and business-related legalities. From resolving business dispute cases to handling breach of contract issues, your lawyer can advance your claim or defend you from all such legal challenges. If you are looking for a reliable litigation lawyer in Calgary, choose First West Law LLP to protect your rights and interests. Our lawyers can:

• Provide strategic legal advice to you
• Guide you on the legal proceedings
• Help you with settlements and negotiation
• If settlement is not possible, thoroughly and vigorously advance your case through trial or appeal


Why Choose Us?

Resolving disputes is unpredictable and often stressful. Our goal as Calgary civil litigation lawyers will be to minimize the surprises and the anxiety often associated with protracted litigation by working collaboratively with all parties to settle on a solution that works for you. We will keep you informed and explain the process to you, and provide guidance through uncertain times. We possess the requisite commitment and determination to see these things through. Our lawyers can also help you with business, estate matters and commercial leasing law.

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If you’re involved in any kind of personal or business dispute, speak with a litigation lawyer at First West Law today.

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