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Legal matters regarding estates and wills are complicated - involving difficult questions and issues. Moreover, while Alberta law provides varied options for you to protect and distribute your estate as you wish, navigating the law on your own can be difficult. When it comes to wills and estates, getting the right legal help from someone you can trust is essential. At First West Law LLP, we have years of experience in providing legal assistance in estate and wills law to the residents of Calgary.


We provide a comprehensive range of legal services for estate planning, administration, and litigation in Calgary. With our help, you can plan a better future for both yourself and your family. We can help you draft your will and also advise you on complex matters concerning your estate, including tax benefits. Our estate lawyers are also experienced at probating wills and applying for estate grants. And if you're a beneficiary of an estate in dispute, we will defend your rights and explain the legal options available to you.


We understand that issues regarding wills and estates are unique to every client, which is why our team of estate lawyers believes in providing a hands-on approach. When you come to us, we carefully assess your needs and case to devise the right strategy for you. We also know that matters involving wills are sensitive, and you can rely on us to exercise the maximum possible level of discretion at all stages of your case.


If you need legal advice regarding wills and estate, schedule an appointment with us at our office near downtown-Victoria Park District.


We understand that estate planning can be a difficult. Getting sound legal advice can not only ensure a better future for your loved ones, but it can make planning what happens to your estate after you're gone easier. Our estate lawyers can advise you on a variety of issues regarding wills and estate, including, but not limited to:

  • Wills
    Our team can advise you on drafting your will, the appointment of an executor, the distribution of your estate, and the creation of testamentary trusts. We assist you in drafting a will protected from possible future misinterpretations and invalidation.

  • Personal Directive
    Your personal directive appoints an 'agent' to make decisions regarding your health, accommodation, and legal matters not relating to your property if you become incapacitated.

  • Power of Attorney
    An enduring power of attorney (EPA) appoints a trusted person to take care of financial decisions if you're unable to carry them out yourself due to incapacitation.

  • Business Succession Planning
    Strategic succession planning is critical when you are leaving behind a family business. Our lawyers can assist with creating a plan that will ensure a seamless transfer of ownership and preserve the wealth that you’ve worked hard to create. Rest easy knowing that your business will be in good hands and adheres to your desired principles in the unfortunate event of your death or mental incapacity. Our team will work with you to develop a thorough plan for your business after you’re gone.

Some of the many other estate planning issues that our estate lawyers can help you with are creating trusts - including those for minors, corporate legal affairs like succession, and choosing trustees and guardians.


Estate planning involves numerous considerations such as the financial future of your loved ones, the direction of your business, the distribution of your property, your care if you become mentally incapable, and more. There are many reasons to have an estate plan, such as:


  • An estate plan delineates your intended heirs: Ensure your estate will go to the people or organizations you want to benefit. Without a proper estate plan, your assets could fall into the hands of undesired or unintended heirs after you die

  • An estate plan can reduce estate tax: Inheritance-related taxes can end up being a burden to your inheritors. Estate planning can reduce these potential taxes.

  • An estate plan can avoid potential disputes: When people die without making their wishes and intentions clear, it can give rise to family conflict and costly litigation. 

  • An estate plan protects your property: The bottom line is that an estate plan is essential to protect your property both now and in the future. As your estate lawyers in Calgary, we will identify any legal disputes you could face.

These are only some of the many reasons to have an estate plan in Calgary. Speak with our estate lawyers today to discuss your plan.


Estate administration on the passing of a loved one can be a challenging responsibility. You might not be aware of your legal duties, which can lead to estate disputes. At First West Law LLP, we can help in all matters regarding estate administration, like the interpretation of the will and accounting requirements. In most cases, estate administration requires a Grant of Probate, a legal validation of the will and your role as an Executor. Our estate lawyers can assist you with the complex probate process and help you carry out your responsibilities under the will.


The passing of a loved one can give rise to many issues regarding the estate, the will or the lack thereof - creating the need for estate litigation. Our lawyers have many years of experience providing the right legal representation and counsel to clients with issues involving estate litigation. Some of the many estate litigation issues that we offer legal solutions to are:

  • Probate disputes
  • Breach of executor duties
  • Breach of fiduciary duties of a trustee
  • Undue influence and incapacity of the will-maker
  • Breach of duties under a power of attorney
  • Financial mismanagement


Getting the help of an experienced estate lawyer can not only make your issues regarding wills and estate easier to understand, but it can ensure the transfer of assets to the right people. Our estate lawyers have counselled and represented many parties to estate disputes. Speak to one of the members of our experienced team to find out how we can help you.


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